Primarily I’m a theoretical physicist and cosmologist working as an Assistant Professor at The Theory of Complex Systems Department of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow.  I  specialise in the fields of quantum gravity and quantum cosmology. Currently I’m mostly focused on such problem as observational consequences of the Planck scale physics, simulations of quantum gravity on quantum computers and compact phase space extensions of the field theories, including gravity.


However, my research interests go much beyond the domain of gravitational physics.  I’m pasionate about the complex systems such as brain and understanding of the origins of life.  This is also related with my long interest in astrobiology, space exploration and futurism. Since the early childhood I loved to build and invent things. Now I continue this passion in the academic makerspace Garage of Complexity, which I co-founed at the Jagiellonian University. I developed such projects as 3D cell culture microfluidic device pe3Dish, prototype of 3D bioprinter or stratospheric capsule  designed for astrobiological research.

Some projects which I develop (mostly conerning space technologies and other new technologies) go beyond the basic research and cannot be limited to academic dimension only. Therefore, it was natural to me to gradually enter more and more into the domain of entrepreneurship.  Over the last years I’ve been involved into a couple of commercial technological projects. One of them was construction of the Lunares basis designet to conduct simulated manned space missions and to test relevant technologies. I’m CEO of the Space Garden company which built and is owner of the facility. With Space Garden we currently develop a bunch of great projects related to Lunares, stratotlites, CubeSats and a few more interesting concepts. One of the project which I would like to accomplish in the near future is to build and place on LEO a biopharmaceutical nanosatellite.



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